Our IVF Laboratory

We have built Sweden’s most modern IVF laboratory. Our laboratory is approved by an independent testing and measurement company (VitaVeritas) with excellent results. In terms of particle count, for example, the lab meets ISO Class B standards, which are much higher than the current requirements for handling gametes, which are ISO Class D according to GMP.

In the Lab

All embryo culturing is done using the new technology and EmbryoScope 8 from Vitrolife.

EmbryoScope 8 is an incubator with a built-in camera that takes an image of your embryos every ten minutes. These images are compiled into a time-lapse film of the development process, allowing us to have continuous overview and assessment of your embryos’ development and quality through a computer, without removing them from the safe environment of the incubator. EmbryoScope 8 is the latest time-lapse incubator on the market, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, providing the most optimal culturing environment for your embryos. Through the integrated complex system that analyzes multiple parameters, in addition to the assessment of our experienced senior embryologists, we gain further information that enables us to select the embryos best suited for transfer and freezing.

Freeze and Preserve for the Future with Vitrification

During in vitro fertilization (IVF), more viable embryos may develop than the number transferred in the fresh cycle. In such cases, these additional embryos can be frozen and thawed at a later time for transfer into the uterus. Statistically, 95% of embryos that are frozen at the blastocyst stage and subsequently thawed survive the process. To ensure the best possible conditions for freezing and thawing your eggs or embryos, we utilize the latest freezing technique called vitrification. During vitrification, the embryos are placed in a specialized environment where the water inside the cells is replaced with a cryoprotectant that safeguards the embryos during freezing. The frozen embryos are then securely stored in a tank containing liquid nitrogen until you are ready to use them.