Fertility investigation - privately funded

Medical consultation*

SEK 2 200

HSS** (in connection with other investigations)

SEK 2 100

HSS**(outside of other investigations or treatment)

SEK 3 100

Cavity examination (in connection with other private investigations).

SEK 1 700

Cavity examination (outside of other investigations or treatment)

SEK 2 100

Semen sample (in connection with other private investigations)

SEK 1 250

Semen sample in conjunction with other publicly funded (PF) investigations at our affiliated clinic, GFCS

SEK 1 900 (including gradient centrifugation, which provides more information than PF diagnostic sample)

Semen sample (outside of other investigations or treatment, including feedback of results).

SEK 1 900 (including gradient centrifugation, which provides more information than PF diagnostic sample).

Chromosomal analysis (for recurrent miscarriages or oligo/azoospermia, POF)

SEK 5 500

Chromosomal analysis with the addition of microdeletion analysis of the Y chromosome

SEK +3 500

Visit to the clinic for planning of freezing (cryopreservation)

Please see sperm freezing


SEK 17 000

In case of simultaneous tissue removal and the need for histopathological examination (Pathology Anatomy Diagnosis – PAD) as an additional procedure.

SEK 6 000

Price information for private fertility investigation

*Medical consultation: If additional blood tests are required, the cost will be according to the current price list. If you are seeking consultation as a couple, we kindly request that both of you attend the appointment together.
**HSS: Evaluation of the fallopian tubes, including an assessment of the uterine cavity/lining.


Scheduled appointments must be canceled with at least 48 hours’ notice (counted as business days, excluding Saturdays and holidays), otherwise the full price of the appointment will be charged.