Meet our Psychologist - Klas Abramhamsson


Klas Abrahamsson is a licensed psychologist with expertise in general crisis support, couples therapy, pain management, vaginismus, sexology, and existential psychology. He has also been working with fertility issues and involuntary infertility since 2015, including at the Reproductive Medicine Center in Malmö. Additionally, Klas has many years of experience in providing care for transgender individuals and possesses extensive knowledge regarding the specific challenges that some LGBTQI+ individuals may face when starting a family.

Some examples of what Klas can assist with are:  

  • General crisis support, support for stress reactions
  • Couples therapy
  • Support for crisis and stress reactions related to involuntary infertility
  • Finding strategies to better manage aspects such as relationships, work, social situations, expectations from loved ones, and more.
  • Decision-oriented conversations regarding difficult choices, such as additional treatments, different paths to parenthood, and more.
  • Relationship issues
  • Sexological issues, such as those related to desire or sexual function.
  • Stress related to non-normative family formation.
  • Pain management, for example, in cases of pain caused by endometriosis or vaginismus.

Psychological reactions to involuntary infertility:

It is common for individuals experiencing involuntary infertility to undergo psychological distress. Naturally, this varies from person to person, but often it involves an emotional roller coaster.

Hope and hopelessness, courage and discouragement, worry, longing, envy, despair, and a multitude of other emotions can alternate abruptly. Often, they can even be experienced simultaneously. Well-meaning advice from family or friends can feel burdensome, sometimes even painful. Activities that were once enjoyable and meaningful may now feel dull and pointless. This often affects relationships as well, sometimes strengthening them, but it can also lead to strains and conflicts. The profound uncertainty looms like a shadow, obscuring significant parts of life.

These are just a few examples of the emotions and situations that can be challenging to handle. At the same time, all of these are normal reactions to the life crisis that involuntary infertility often entails. If you or you both would like professional support, you are welcome to contact Klas and schedule an appointment, either in person or through a digital platform.