Artificial insemination treatment with donated sperm (AID)

We have the possibility of public funded investigation prior to artificial insemination treatment with donated sperm.

For investigation prior to privately funded artificial insemination treatment with donated sperm, please refer to the information on privately funded fertility investigation.

Doctor’s appointment (investigation already done) with planning and information about treatment

SEK 2 200

Appointment with a psychologist (mandatory to undergo donation in Sweden).

SEK/visit 2 400

Artificial insemination by donor (AID) in a natural cycle

SEK 20 000 (including donorsperm and pregnancy slot)

If medical treatment and ultrasound are needed, an additional fee of  SEK 2 200 per ultrasound applies.
If ovulation induction with hormone injections is needed, an additional fee of SEK 10 000 applies (including all ultrasounds during one cycle).

Donor insemination (AID) – 3 treatments**

SEK 42 000 (including pregnancy slot)

Information about Donor Insemination

**For package deals, a normal chance of pregnancy and having a child is required. The woman should have a normal egg reserve. The doctor will assess if a package deal is possible. All treatments should be completed within 18 months. Once a treatment results in a child, the treatment package is concluded. More information about package deals can be obtained at the clinic.

An invoice will be sent when donorsperm is ordered and should be paid no later than 10 days after the invoice date.


Scheduled appointments must be canceled with at least 48 hours’ notice (counted as business days, excluding Saturdays and holidays), otherwise the full price of the appointment will be charged.