Lisa Brattkvist - Meet our Dietitian

Lisa Brattkvist

Lisa is a licensed dietitian with a bachelor’s degree in health sciences specializing in biomedical science. She has previously worked in specialist medicine at Sahlgrenska’s Obesity Clinic and as a health coach for several years. Today, Lisa continues to work in the treatment of overweight and obesity, as well as giving lectures on diet and health.
Lisa is passionate about behavioral science, positive psychology, and helping individuals improve their eating habits and lifestyle in a sustainable way.

Getting help from a dietitian may be relevant for individuals who are overweight (BMI > 25) with indications such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, increased waist circumference, low diet quality index, etc. It can also be beneficial for individuals with severe obesity (BMI > 30), women with weight-related fertility issues (including those with PCOS), or for anyone looking to improve their diet and lifestyle.

Before your first visit, we kindly ask you to fill out a food diary and questionnaire, which you can print from our website (located under the “Forms” tab). Please submit the completed food diary and questionnaire to us by mail at least one week before your initial appointment with the dietitian.
This is to allow us to prepare an individually tailored meal plan before your visit, which enables us/you to make the most of your time during your first appointment.

The different appointments include:

1)Initial appointment with a dietitian (45 minutes), where we thoroughly discuss your background and goals:

–      Expectations for the session, life situation, medical history, medication, dietary supplements, any previous experiences with weight loss, physical activity, review of food diary, and screening questionnaire.

The conversation lays the foundation for an individually tailored dietary treatment.

–      Starting weight, BMI, and waist circumference

–      Dietitian assessment and treatment goals

–      Calculation of energy requirements for weight loss

–      General tips and advice for weight loss to take with you until your next appointment

–       Questions

2) During the second appointment (45 minutes), approximately 1 week later, we will go through together:

–      Individualized dietary advice based on energy needs for weight loss.

–      Meal timing and planning.

–      Time for diet-related questions.

3)During the follow-up visit (after approximately 4-5 weeks), we evaluate:

–      The dietary advice, making adjustments if necessary.

–      Discussing hunger and satiety.

–      Check weight, BMI, and waist circumference for progress assessment.


For sustainable diet and lifestyle changes, follow-up is often needed to adjust the advice based on your needs and progress.

We offer different packages with:

Initial appointment (45 minutes), meal plan (45 minutes) + 3 follow-up appointments (30 minutes each). Treatment duration: approximately 3 months + 1 week.

  • Initial consultation (45 minutes), meal plan session (45 minutes), and 5 follow-up appointments (30 minutes each) are recommended for a treatment duration of approximately 6 months plus 1 week.
  • Individual follow-up appointments of 30 minutes can be booked either individually or in sets of 3.


For the first visit, we recommend your physical presence, but for subsequent follow-up appointments, we offer the option of digital meetings for those who prefer it.

Please note that the recommended treatment duration for significant weight loss is at least 6-12 months with monthly follow-up visits.

For appointment booking or inquiries, please email us at and mark the subject line as “Book Dietitian”.

For prices, please refer to the “Price List – Dietitian” section on our website.


Lisa Brattkvist, Legitimerad dietist

Göteborgs IVF Klinik
Fabriksgatan 10
412 50 Göteborg


Scheduled appointments must be canceled with at least 48 hours’ notice (counted as weekdays, excluding Saturdays and holidays), otherwise half the price of the appointment will be charged.